Campus Recruitment Processes

Our campus recruiting process provides you with the flexibility to participate at your own convenience and with the assurance that all candidates have a consistent experience. Our application process helps us understand how you are aligned with our values and vice versa – after all, you want to make sure we are a good match with what you are looking for in a career as well.

While technical skills are important for success at Hatch, we also look for leadership and communication skills, like your ability to take initiative, collaborate and communicate clearly.

Depending on the region, you may participate in all or some of these steps and the steps may fall in a different sequence. 

Before you apply

We believe in 'doing our homework', so we recommend you research Hatch through:

  • Our website
  • Attend an information session on campus or online
  • Review the job posting and make sure you have the qualifications and field of study required
    • For example, if you are studying mechanical engineering, do not apply to an electrical engineering position

Your Online Application

If you are new to the Hatch application process, you will first be asked to create a profile.

Next, you can apply to a specific job posting by answering a few questions and uploading your resume and transcript. Your answers will be verified through review of your transcript, resume, and/or reference checks. Unfortunately, you will not be considered for a role if you do not upload a resume and transcript. 


  • Mark your candidate profile for "Any company recruiter worldwide" as we are a global Talent Acquisition team supporting all regions. If you have selected a different option and would like to change it, please e-mail and ask for instructions on how to update the privacy settings.
  • Proofread your resume and double check to ensure your contact information is correct.
  • Use your school e-mail address only when applying to student or new graduate roles.
  • Mark our system e-mails as "Safe" so they won't go into spam.

Online assessment

If you move on to the next step, we will send you an email invite to complete our online assessment which helps us understand who you are as a individual. There are no right or wrong answers; we look for a variety of personalities and approaches.

On-demand video interview

Once again, if you move on to the next step, we will send you an e-mail invite and you will have 48 hours to practice and complete your online video interview. The great part is you choose the best time and place to participate. Make sure you review the tips sent in the e-mail before starting your actual online video interview. We have tips about lighting, background, and even what to wear.

Technical interview

If you move on to the next step, a technical interview with hiring managers will take place either at one of our Hatch locations or through a virtual live interview. You will receive an e-mail invitation confirming the day, time and place of your interview and you should prepare for this interview like you did for the on-demand video interview.

Reference check

The final part of the process for successful applicants is being asked to submit references through our third-party provider Xref. Make sure you include references of previous supervisors.

Offer Process

Congratulations! At this stage you will receive an email with an offer letter including details about your start date and compensation.

Welcome to the team! 

Thank you for your interest in Hatch, and good luck!