Who we are

At Hatch, we challenge the status quo and create positive change for our employees, and the communities and clients we serve in the mining, infrastructure, and energy sectors. You are part of a community at Hatch, one that thinks globally and acts locally, is philanthropic in nature, and fosters career growth and development. We encourage connection across regional boundaries and entrepreneurship is the key to success.

Our people are our greatest assets. We support them continuously to lead in their chosen professions. If you’re passionate and committed to building a better world through positive change, our global organization may have just the opportunity you desire.

John Bianchini | Chief Executive Officer, Hatch


We believe success is mutual—with our clients, our staff, and within our communities. We give back to the causes our employees are most passionate about, because work is about more than the day-to-day here. We have strong, long-standing partnerships with education and research centers that help drive the development of new, innovative ideas. We care about our impact on the community, and believe together we can make a positive difference.

Learn more about our community involvement here.

Career Development

From new graduate to business leadership, our diverse industries and streams offer choices based on where you are in your career and where you want to go next. We are a flat and connected organization and you could find yourself serving clients in some of the most interesting places in the world. You'll take charge of your own career, find flexibility every day and learn from others.


We are entrepreneurs with a technical soul. At Hatch, you can wear many hats and your work will bridge disciplines. You could find yourself building relationships with clients across the world, taking the initiative to implement new technologies and tools, or to develop new service offerings. We encourage our employees to be leaders in their fields—to stay connected with their alma maters, and to mentor young minds.